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Tie Rod

Efficient ride handling would be next to impossible if one or more of your steering system components are defective. Your steering system is made up of various components, and one of these is the tie rod. This car component is responsible for carrying tensile loads and for channeling force from the rack gear or steering center into the steering knuckles. You can locate this steering system part along the rack and pinion steering gears. The inner and outer end completes the entire tie rod assembly. Each end are connected in such a way that the connection should be of the same strength as that of the rod.

You can employ some basic maintenance procedure on your tie rod to extend its service life. One way is by inspecting the seals for wear and tear signs. Another one is by packing your tie rod with grease through the use of a special fitting known as the grease zurt. However, normal aging would wear out your stock tie rod. Some of the most common signs of a defective tie rod are wandering, excessive tire wear, and erratic steering. Immediately find a replacement part when this happens to prevent further car problems.

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OES Genuine Tie Rod Washer

Part Number: W0133-1913956

  • Features
  • Description
  • Inner
  • Sold Individually
  • Same day - 1 business day
  • In Stock


A high quality replacement for your part.

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    USD 2.95
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Energy Susp Tie Rod End Boot

Part Number: E12913103G

  • Features
  • Description
  • Polyurethane
  • Black
  • Direct Fit
  • Set of 2
  • 3-4 business days
  • Round style; Largest diameter taper 0.472 in./12mm; Socket top diameter 1.2 in./30.5mm
  • In Stock


Worn out tie rod end boots contribute to less than stellar suspension performance. These problems are easily remedied with new polyurethane tie rod end boots by Energy Suspension, which outperform standard rubber ones. Energy Suspension, world-renowned for its innovative polyurethane suspension parts, provides enthusiasts with performance solutions engineered to last.

  • Feature patented 5-point sealing action
  • Replaces old, worn out tie rod end boots or serves as an upgrade
  • Made of polyurethane compound that far outperforms rubber
  • Features an impressive lifetime warranty
  • Exceeds factory standards
  • Price:
    USD 3.82
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