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Door Handle

You may have never thought about it, but your door handles are used quite frequently used and it is inevitable that one day, they may just be inoperable. Like other moving parts in your vehicle, the more they are used, the more they are prone to wear and tear. Though door handles serves great importance in your vehicle, most of the time, you have probably taken them for granted and you only realize their importance once they stop functioning well. Of course, once they malfunction, great inconveniences will be experienced such as denying you access to your own vehicle, accessing other doors just to let you out of the vehicle, and others. So when this happens, replacing each of them with new Door HandleCanada is the best solution.

The Door HandleCanada is mounted on both the inner and outer door panel. Usually, this is made of plastic and work in conjunction with toothed wheels, called the rotors. These rotors are installed in the side panels of the door and facilitate proper door operation. They allow the doors to be opened and closed according to your preference. With this efficient and reliable Door Handle, you gain easy access into your vehicle. This also provides safety for you and your passengers. If your door handles start to rust, stiffen, and loosen through use; don\'t wait until they give you headache, replace them at once!

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OES Genuine Door Handle Clip

Part Number: W0133-1644199

  • Features
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  • Sold Individually
  • Same day - 1 business day
  • In Stock


A high quality replacement for your part.

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    USD 1.95
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Replacement Door Handle

Part Number: REPN462333

  • Features
  • Description
  • Front Or Rear, Passenger Side
  • Plastic
  • Interior
  • Beige
  • Direct Fit
  • Sold Individually
  • With door lock button
  • OE Replacement
  • 1-2 Business Days
  • Clearance
  • 806700W006
  • NI1353150
  • In Stock

This OE replacement door handle replaces your old or damaged factory unit; covered by 1-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.

Replacement brand parts are the most affordable solution for your replacement needs!

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    USD 3.89
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