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Chevrolet Parts

The Chevrolet is a popular brand of automobile produced by the General Motors (GM). It is the top selling marque and the most renowned brand of GM worldwide. Through years, it has sold impressively wide range of automobiles, from subcompact hatchback to large vans and SUVs. With its unrivaled quality, features and unquestionable performance, Chevrolet has gained massive commendation in the automotive industry. Because of this, it has grown from strength to strength. One proof of its success is its ever expanding automotive lines that reached the garages of every performance and keen enthusiasts such as the Chevrolet owners. With Chevrolet\'s ever evolving features and technologies, truly, it has pushed its quest of being the top among its class to the limits.

In order to keep in pace with today\'s ever growing demands for more power, safety, comfort and convenience, mechanical updates and refinements are provided to all its Chevrolet auto parts. These are accomplished through careful researches, designing and engineering. And as a result, more powerful and high endurance auto parts are built that will deliver every Chevrolet model to its peak road performance giving the driver pure driving exhilaration and satisfaction. These auto parts are subjected to careful testing procedures to ensure that they are highly reliable under all extreme conditions and driving abuses as well. Innovative features are also integrated to these auto parts so expect their efficiency and versatility.

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NGK Spark Plug

Part Number: NG2382

  • Features
  • Description
  • NGK Standard
  • Direct Fit
  • Sold Individually
  • Copper
  • Resistor
  • 1-2 Business Days
  • Clearance
  • Nickel alloy
  • 1.1 mm
  • Semi-Surface Gap; Ships to U.S. addresses only. Cannot be shipped internationally.
  • 19 mm
  • BKR5ES-11
  • 14 mm
  • In Stock

NGK Standard Spark Plug is constructed from top quality material that gives optimum performance and reliable ignition to longer plug life.

  • 14 mm thread size
  • 19 mm reach
  • 16 mm hex size
  • 0.04 in. gap size
  • Gasket seat style
  • Resistor plug type
  • Solid terminal nut
  • ISO length
  • Projected tip
  • Heat range 5

  • Offers consistent performance
  • Gives a triple-gasket sealing process
  • OE quality plug of choice for vehicles

  • Price:
    USD 1.65
  • Quantity:

Ishino PM Review

Part Number: W0133-1750183

  • Features
  • Description
  • In Stock
  • Price:
    USD 1.95
  • Quantity: