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Audi Catalytic Converter

Denso Oxygen Sensor

Part Number: NP2341000

  • Features
  • Description
  • Before Catalytic Converter
  • 1-wire
  • Direct Fit
  • Sold individually
  • Same day - 1 business day
  • 5234921, 8990741, 25106073, 034906265F, 035906265B, 200906265A, 22690AA030, 36531-P05-A01, 36531-P2R-A01, 36531-P2R-A01, 36531-PE1-662, 36531-PE1-662, 36531-PE7-663, 36531-PE7-663, E6DZ 9F472-A, E6TZ9F472A, E6ZZ9F472A
  • In Stock

Denso Regular Class Oxygen Sensors are specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of today's engines. Each of Denso's Oxygen Sensor is constructed from the highest quality materials available. Manufactured to the OE standards and subjected to rigorous safety and performance tests.

  • 1-wire
  • 11.77 in. lead wire
  • Non-flanged

  • Constructed from high quality stainless steel, porous polytetrafluoroethylene, fluorine rubber, aluminum oxide, high-grade platinum, and ceramics
  • Double protection layer
  • Aluminum oxide trap layer
  • Porous PTFE filter
  • Stainless steel housing
1 required per vehicle. Requires wire splicing and electrical installation. Reuse your old connector.

  • Price:
    USD 18.78
  • Quantity:

Replacement Oxygen Sensor

Part Number: REPA960904

  • Features
  • Description
  • After Catalytic Converter, Driver Or Passenger Side
  • Replacement Oxygen Sensor
  • 4-wire
  • Direct Fit
  • Sold individually
  • OE Replacement
  • 1-2 Business Days
  • Male Connector
  • Overstock
  • 7/8 in. Hex Size
  • Threaded-in Mounting Style
  • M18-1.5 Thread Size
  • 33.86 in. Wire Length
  • In Stock


This Replacement oxygen sensor features stainless steel shell, hex nut, shield, Teflon-covered insulated wires, high-temperature rubber internal and external seals, and threaded tube coated with anti-seize compound.

  • Price:
    USD 20.51
  • Quantity: