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Brake Pads

The stopping performance of your car is dependent upon a number of braking system components, and among these are the brake pads. This car component can be seen dangling on either side of the metal plate. Depending on the design on your car, the brake pads can be attached inside the brake caliper through bolts or clips. Aside from that, it features a heat resistant material that enables it to grip the rotor tightly when the brakes are applied. They were originally made with organic ingredients such as carbon and asbestos. However, the banning of asbestos has led to the utilization of semi-metallic compounds in the manufacturing of brake pads.

Overtime, the brake lining of your brake pads may wear out. This could result to an annoying squeal, because the rivets or backing of your brake pads would get in contact with the rotors. Brake chatter could also happen when the brake pads are contaminated with a leaked brake fluid or oil. You need to replace them with a new one immediately at the first signs of wear and tear. Just make sure that you replace both pads to prevent uneven braking from happening.

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MTC Brake Pad Shim

Part Number: W0133-1643952

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  • Front
  • 2-Wheel Set
  • 1-2 Business Days
  • In Stock
MTC develops and manufactures high quality OE specified polyurethane mounts, bushings and undercar components to the spare parts industry.

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    USD 0.95
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Pex Brake Pad Sensor

Part Number: W0133-1643620

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  • Front And Rear
  • Sold Individually
  • Same day - 1 business day
  • In Stock
Pex Automotive Group
The PEX Automotive Group is a manufacturer of OE specified automotive brake wear indicators to leading brake manufacturers and aftermarket distributors.
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    USD 1.95
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