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Brake Pad Sensor

Equipping your car with the most reliable braking system components would enable it to get that exceptional stopping power. The brake pad is one of the integral components of your car\'s braking system that serves the main function of converting the kinetic energy into heat. It does this by applying pressure on the disc brake surface whenever you push on the brake pedals. When it wears out, an indicator known as the brake pad sensor would tell you that your brake pads are in need of replacement. This car component looks like a U-shaped copper clip that activates the brake light.

The brake pad sensor installed on your car activates the brake light whenever it goes down to the brake pad wires. Aside from that, this car component also serves the function of counting the wheel rotation to make the timing of your brake warning light precise. Your car has 2 brake pad sensors: the rear brake sensors and the front brake sensors. You can usually see the front brake pad sensors at the left-hand side, while the rear brake pad sensor can be seen at the right side of the wheel well.

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