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Brake Accumulator

Having an efficient braking system would not be possible if one or more of your braking system components are not in good working condition. For this reason, you need to ensure that each part is properly maintained to efficiently stop or slow down your vehicle whenever the need arises. The brake accumulator is among the many parts of your braking system that needs to be checked once in a while. You can locate this vehicle component on the left firewall of your engine compartment. This braking system component is a round ball that works hand in hand with the brake booster and a DS voltage regulator.

The brake accumulator installed in your vehicle can be of bladder, piston, or diaphragm type. Whatever type of brake accumulator that you may have, they all perform the same function-to stop the vehicle in the event of brake pressure failure. A typical brake accumulator is made up of a pressure storage chamber that is filed with nitrogen gas. Before doing any type of brake repair work, you need to depressurize the brake accumulator. This is a general rule, because your ABS components produce up to 2,700 psi of pressure.

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WABCO ABS Brake Accumulator

Part Number: W0133-1600329

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