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Have you ever wondered how your electrical components get all the energy that they need in order to function properly? Actually, they are powered by your car\'s electrical and charging system. At the heart of these systems is a vehicle component known as the alternator. This car component is called as such because it produces an alternating current. It works in direct contact with the car battery to provide power whenever your vehicle is in motion. Although your alternator produces an AC voltage, it is converted into a DC voltage as is moves its way into the battery and the electrical loads.

The alternator works by converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy. To be able to do this task, a series of wound wires and wound irons are driven into a permanent magnetic field through an engine driven belt. A typical alternator is made up of a moving coil called the rotor, a non moving induction winding called the stator, a diode assembly called the rectifier bridge, a power device called the voltage regulator, and two internal fans that promote air circulation.

You can tell that your factory installed alternator has been worn out if you have got some intermittent headlights or if you are hearing some harsh noise under your hood. Replace it immediately with a new one if you do not want to get stuck in an unknown location. Canada Parts Online offers genuine and top of the line alternators and other car parts and accessories. You can order from us online or by simply calling toll-free-round the clock! Order now, and be among our growing numbers of satisfied customers!

Mr Gasket Alternator Bracket

Part Number: G129853

  • Features
  • Description
  • Steel
  • Chrome
  • Universal
  • Sold Individually
  • 10-11 business days
  • Will Accommodate up to 7/16 in. Thru-Bolt and Must be Cut to Length; Hardware Not Included
  • In Stock
MR GASKET UNIVERSAL ALTERNATOR SPACER TUBE, CHROME PLATED -- 4 in. long; Ideal for use when mounting alternator directly to head; Can accommodate up to 0.4375 in. thru-bolt and must be cut to length; With Mr. Gasket's limited 90-day warranty.
  • Price:
    USD 6.61
  • Quantity:

Standard Alternator Brush Set

Part Number: SIEX87

  • Features
  • Description
  • Direct Fit
  • Set
  • 1-2 Business Days
  • Alternator/Generator Brush Set
  • In Stock


Revamp your ride with the advanced design, OEM-grade quality assurance and standard-setting performance offered by Standard’s OE replacement alternator brushes. Since 1919, Standard Motor Products has engineered a full line of engine management products, including ignition parts, sensors and on-board computers.

  • Advanced design meets exceptional, OE-level standards
  • Sturdily constructed in TS 16949 certified facilities
  • Broad range of import and domestic models covered
  • Put through systematic inspection to guarantee enduring performance and quality
  • Price:
    USD 10.81
  • Quantity: