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Air Filter

Increasing the horsepower of your precious vehicle depends upon a number of factors, and one of these is excellent filtration. Dust and other road particulates that enter your car\'s engine system can bring harm to your engine components. For this reason, you car has been equipped with an air filter. This car component serves a vital role in the safety and performance of your engine components. Basically, your car\'s air filter serves three main purposes. First, it filters out engine-destroying dirt. Second, it enhances your engine airflow. And lastly, it boosts gas mileage, performance, and horsepower.

There are actually three types of air filters: the cotton air filters, foam air filters and paper air filters. Cotton air filters are made up of 4 to 6 layers of cotton gauze that can be re-oiled. On the other hand, foam air filters permit better air intake because they have higher retention levels. Lastly, paper air filters are the disposable type and most inexpensive air filter. Whatever type of air filter that you are using, it is highly recommended that you replace them on a yearly basis. Air filters gradually reduce their efficiency overtime because they can get plugged. When this happens, your engine would choke due to the lack of air.

Do not let a plugged air filter rob you out of your engine performance. Get a replacement part at specified intervals to prevent this from happening. You can trust Canada Parts Online if you are looking for highly durable air filter replacements that are reasonably priced. Just place your orders online or by phone, and we will have them delivered right at your doorstep in no time at all.

APA/URO Parts Air Filter Housing Strap

Part Number: URO91111036501

  • Features
  • Description
  • Direct Fit
  • Sold Individually
  • 2-3 business days
  • In Stock
APA/URO AIR FILTER HOUSING STRAP -- A high quality, OE replacement air filter housing strap.
  • Price:
    USD 6.91
  • Quantity:

Mr Gasket Universal Air Filter

Part Number: G121489A

  • Features
  • Description
  • Paper
  • Disposable
  • White
  • Universal
  • Sold Individually
  • Round
  • Performance
  • 10-11 business days
  • In Stock

A high quality, OE replacement air filter element.

  • 2 in. height, 4 in. diameter
  • Round style

  • For use with louvered air cleaners with part numbers 4354 and 6475
  • Price:
    USD 7.54
  • Quantity: