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ABS Control Unit

During emergency brake situations, you need to ensure that you can maintain control of your vehicle by shortening the stopping distances especially on slippery roads. That way, you can be sure of having better chances of avoiding an accident. This can only be achieved if your vehicle has been equipped with an ABS or anti-lock braking system. A typical ABS system is composed of various parts, and one of these is the ABS control unit. Along the wheel speed sensors and hydraulic control unit, this car component adjusts the braking pressure of your wheels to keep it from locking up.

Your ABS control unit is able to regulate the wheel\'s braking pressure by driving the hydraulic control unit after collecting data from the sensors. Two microcontrollers generally consists this central control unit. To add some redundancy to the system, these microcontrollers work simultaneously. Aside from that, both prevent your control unit to heat up, resulting to reduced durability. Because of its indispensable function, your ABS control unit is considered to be the basic \"building block\" of your car\'s stability and traction control.

When your ABS control unit fails to function properly, you will definitely lose steering control, because it could result to a wheel lock up. Do not risk yourself into a serious car accident. Get rid of your worn out control unit and replace it with a new one. Do not worry. Because you can always trust Canada Parts Online for your vehicle needs. Just fill out our online order form or dial our toll-free hotline number to place your orders. Order now, and experience a hassle free and worry free online shopping like never before!

Flexalite Auxiliary Fan Control Unit

Part Number: F2133054

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Flexalite Universal Auxiliary Fan Control Units are designed to sense coolant temperature via the radiator core and set fan speed from 6 to 1 percent depending on built-in fan thermostat setting. These Universal Auxiliary Fan Control Units from Flexalite features greater control over engine temperature. Reduced charging spikes and current load on charging system, and directs fan to run for 3 seconds after vehicle is turned off.
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